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Check is Discord down? New to this word, probably you are not a gamer, Discord is a VoIP app specially desiged for gaming communities. It is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Linus and OS X platforms, you can also add it in the web browser. If the Discord goes down here we have created a tool by which you can check the service status.

Discord Down

At Discord users are able to send and receive instant messages, make VoIP calls for communication purpose, it has been claimed that about 11 million users have been used Discord app for communication over the time. If today you are having problems with the service you can submit the status report here and tell others what you have experienced, with a little description to problem.

The common reported issues and problem includes it is making my PC slow, lag in voice call, noise during call, getting wrong notifications, notifications not working and some other issues. In the graph available here you can see what is going on and how many reports are received today from different users.

Discord Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

Is Discord Down & you are facing problems today, check out the live outage reports OR submit a review below. -------  

Braxton8 Braxtonian81
ssbCulexus gt Do all of that gt Discord outage Just do an image like you said
Verb VernNotice
TheWildBohr I m down Probably not gonna discord I just want some companionship
Ian Ian_s35
RT Big C Richy23 whos down to run pro-am tonght fav if available let the tryouts begin must have discord
ㅤㅤㅤ InitiaNovaGen
SleepyJirachi Please tell me I m not going insane I swear I was working on the bot today but discord is saying yesterday I m confused
RyaNoobHCS RammyyHimself eLToWnFPS It s going to be a skype group not discord Still working out everything Jus
Prancer🌙 BenPrancer
Sorry to have left discord just thinking about THINGS and I found it best to just lay down and chill
Hao Hao_Two
ShoSSBM i m down if you ll have me would be interesting to see message me on discord or something and we ll talk more about it
Usny Usny
yurifucker hacaplus untenta Btw if you guys ever want to hop on discord and practice speaking I m down
Elliott Elliott14000
All i see down my youtube jamie pine All i see on my twitter jamie pine Nothing from discord though jamiepine
I know some of you requested me to make my own discord server but I don t plan to make one anytime soon Later down the road for sure I will
rumi waldman rumiwal
discordapp i got a problem my in discord clock is a hour behind my pc clock how do i fix it
Emerald Emerald_SSB
MUNSTERSHK I m down I m free today part of Saturday and all of Sunday Hmu on Discord username in my bio
Gameify Gameify_
discordapp I can t scroll down when I try to ban a user from my server I use browser Discord and I can t scroll down How do I fix this
Gummi U.S.O. GummieAlien
if any of you want to talk right now then maybe DM me your Discord because Twitter is breaking down EXTREMELY badly
On that note here s my Discord and Telegram and if those are down too here is my mailing address and summoning circle instructions
NiemandWichtiges josi_the_first
TheTobbit Server Festplatte down alle Daten weg Server wird aufgel st und nur noch Discord besteht Laut Willie ist DLG aufgel st
James Owens JamesOw10531002
RT xeneriith10 Want to meet down to earth people who support one another Come join my Discord Trying to create a community forthepe
Brit TheBritResistor
Is discord down for anyone I can t seem to get online

Discord Down
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