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Check the real-time Google Fiber outages, reports are gathered from community who uses the Google Fiber services. Google Fiber provides VoIP telephone, broadband internet and cable TV services to its customers in U.S. the division was launched in 2010 very first in Kansas then expanding to more cities. The internet customers are more than cable TV, therefore more reports about internet services outage or any other issue are received here on this portal.

Google Fiber Outages

The services of Google Fiber can be down for many reasons, sometimes a damage by any external factor can also cause the service outage which is not in the company control. Beside these issues some time the settings on user device are not configured properly and this also lead to an outage of service, beside all these the system issues of Google Fiber can also cause a disturbance in service. If you got the problems today and have an important tasks to do on the internet then you might be frustrating and want to know about the reason due to which the problem arises.

Every one should submit a report here in the graph provided, so that a useful database of on going problems is created on this portal.

Google Fiber Outage: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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I m in Utah where the market Google has fixed the internet problem Google Fiber is 50 per month for unlimited d
Aaron Dicer aarondicer
cinemasins Dude You re in Nashville you should have Google Fiber by now 1 gig down AND 1 gig up And not very expensive either
Bryan GUSBA93
Cy4i4ka googlefiber The city of Leawood turned down google s standard request to lay fiber You can google the saga
N3WB📺 n3wbtv
Tiamonstrr googlefiber Move to Atlanta or somewhere with google fiber 50 dollars a month for 100 up and down
Teresa marijoe08
I wish google fiber was available I would have no problem switching service sooo tired of uverse drama
RT CAROLYNAPPLETON Data caps an issue in mobile market Google Fiber doesn t have data caps If all you own is a phone can be problemat
nanonetworker nanonetworker
FOXSportsGOHelp Google Oath not working for Google Fiber customers May have to do with the security issue Google experienced last week
Chris Cobra Elite Chriscobra28
LegendOfGamer80 Never had that problem I mainly use Wi-Fi and it s Google fiber internet so it s pretty fast on Wi-Fi downloading
Liz Hansen Rockchalk2000
When you have Google Fiber and they can t come out for 5 days to fix your cable internet which is totally down FAIL GoogleFiberKansasCity
virgiliocorrado virgiliocorrado
680NEWS if amp when Google comes they should bring Google Fiber bring price of 1 Gbps up amp down to 70 per month b
I championmuscle
If your parents got Google fiber for you sit down
Clayton Snodgrass mistersnodgrass
FOXSportsGOHelp problem authorizing access via my Google Fiber account on iOS app Works fine via desktop browser
Zach Werner BitsOfZach
comcast Glad I ditched you for Google fiber Gigabit internet both up and down No limits I can chew threw a terabyte in an afternoon
RT ApolloSupremee if you ever play Galaxy get ready to be joked 2 of them have google fiber and the other one has a 500 up down
Jacob Gibson _jacobEgibson
My Google fiber is down and now I am left to ponder existence or lament the lack of unlimited data on my phone s plan
Bill Carson chicothedog01
JerryBrownGov Google fiber or making 2k up amp down internet for everyone will make it easier to catch a bad person DrChiz rt
Joe Supremee🚀 ApolloSupremee
if you ever play Galaxy get ready to be joked 2 of them have google fiber and the other one has a 500 up down
Pixl Pixzl
ImDehV itsKapoow just wanna live on the middle of the lake district with google fiber and a supermarket down the road

Google Fiber Outage
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