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Encountered today with any Grindr outage? Check out is Grindr down for you OR all others if not working fine and showing some errors. Grindr is an App which was first launched in 2009 and is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app is targeted to men meet other men near them for dating, friendship or some other relation. You are not here to read all this right? so move to the topic, the reports which we commonly receive about the Grindr service mainly related to login issues, server not responding, issues with finding exact match and some others.

Grindr Outage

No matter what type of issue is it, you will find all of the relevant reports about the service status and other errors which the users are getting while using the service. We continuously monitor the service status and regularly update the status of service for our visitors to give them an updated version of Grindr problems which are on-going at the service usage. Some reports are about the profile picture not showing, the online status is shown in error, error while installing app, wrong near by suggestions and app crashes after some time.

Whatever the issue is we are here and have created a graph on this page which shows an accumulated view of the errors and problems which are reported here about Grindr issues. If Today you also have encountered with any Grindr issues you must report it here.

Grindr Outage: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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Christophe O chrisosselaer
david kirwan And then I m in front of my screem and saying Fuck Who is it again I have the same problem on Grindr lol
Alex alextopsnyc
There s a whole new crop on grindr I forget it s tourist and intern season Time to start knocking them down nyc teamtop
Zq ziq90
hlmshkr87 At least you know whos using your picture I still havent track down the person posing as me in grindr
matt dynes mattydynes
At the business school commencement tracking down which of these grad hennies are 0 feet away on grindr
Graham Bond GrahamBond16
RT MummskiPummski I m all for bringing Crosby down but a sign that says he pays 4 Grindr is just homophobic Not cool OttawaSenators
tomascl tomascl
Grindr the last update on Android is working awful The messages doesn t work properly and the pictures are not shown to be sent
Michael Payne mikeyjpayne
RT shookshack MatsMats94 sharkpizza SpatialFX Grindr You like what you like But to shut down an entire portion of the population on
Ryan@destiny oneokryan
gt tfw you download grindr and a man with the grindr man icon mask tracks you down and sadistically murders you
JonBenét Ram Me shookshack
MatsMats94 sharkpizza SpatialFX Grindr You like what you like But to shut down an entire portion of the popula
IG: CharlieMinaj_ CharlieMinaj_
Grindr your apps a security issue now when you block someone they are supposed to be blocked till I unblock them
MarcinUK MarcinLondonUK
Grindr I ve a question In home it s ok but when I m out Grindr app can t refresh only this app have problem I ve got 4G in uk
Marksimus Mummsicles MummskiPummski
I m all for bringing Crosby down but a sign that says he pays 4 Grindr is just homophobic Not cool OttawaSenators fan PENSvsSENS
i was walking down the street minding my own business and drinking my black tea boba then i opened grindr so i gave it a look
j floriduhkilos
Just bolted down the alley of some gross Grindr s house
M DragonM1ke
Is Grindr down rn What am I supposed to do with my work day
Gay Kit Ed GayBoyEd
Another twat on Grindr Takes issue with my profile too cowardly to even show a face on his Blocks when this gets pointed out Berk
JPMA lokilokiloki
LGBTPlusProud Does Grindr offer prayer services I ll get down on my knees
Evon evonmusic
Guys on Grindr be so demanding They be like Be Masc Be Fit Be White And I m like Bitch Sit down Be humble
DELAYS As its pissing down all buses delayed Our drivers are sat in the depot playing Twister and researching Tinder and Grindr MC
Saul Emo Potato Cynical_Saul
RT beau jf The second anyone on Grindr or Tinder suggests meeting up for a drink I just shut down and ignore them
Thicc Shady decaf4U
MarcellusESQ but the tinder thing has died down like crazy even Grindr sucks ass all these apps lost their hype
Mranalgape mranalgape
RT GayCumLovers Better than Grindr - meet real down to fuck guys near you GayCum GayCumshot GayFaci https

Grindr Outage
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