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Are there any MARTA delays? Here you can check out the possible outages and issues with the service OR any other schedule problems with it. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) operates public transport in Atlanta metropolitan area. MARTA operates three different types of transport system rapid transit, bus rapid transit and bus. If you are having issues and problems with service, you can here check out the status of MARTA.

MARTA Delays

MARTA serves about 433,000 rides in weekday, this is total rides from all types of transport which it offers. The overall length of whole system where MARTA operates makes up about 48 miles. A para-transit service is also available by MARTA for disabled customers. If you are having any type of issue with MARTA, or experiencing delays then here you can see what is problem.

Some time the issue is due to any external reason, like any accident or electric outage. Whatever the issue is we will update you, regarding that. also checked out the delay map outages history here.

MARTA Delays: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

Is MARTA Delays & you are facing problems today, check out the live outage reports OR submit a review below. -------  

RealBillOakley RealBillOakley
DanWolken Not all was well Marta system was a complete disaster Trains breaking down for hours due to poor ma
RT JOKER23445 DionDoes yeah I got batteries for days Marta comes confidence goes by down by half sorry mav them jump scares get me too h
Doomsday JOKER23445
DionDoes yeah I got batteries for days Marta comes confidence goes by down by half sorry mav them jump scares get
Adam Murphy MurphyCBS46
ATL Bomb squad responds to suspicious package in Downtown Atlanta Several roads and MARTA line were shut down An
Bianca Benner bbenner_84
RT FSWBucs END 4 marta fuentes34 singles down the left field line to score Riley Russell11 FSWSoftball now leads 6-1
TTWN ATL TotalTrafficATL
Marta MARTA Green Line delays up to 20 minutes at Five Points delay of 20 mins ATLTraffic
Amber Wildee amberwildee
rage fyre Waaaaat wow surprise surprise lol they should just knock it down and expand the damn Marta
Ken McNeillie kpmacatl
JustinWilfonWSB wsbtv Was hoping for much better traffic monday Another Marta bus broke down on Morland ave destroying commute
Paulie InsidePerimeter
People could MARTA to Arts Center Midtown North stations and walk shuttle up and down Peachtree
kristen ultjunghope
me hi marta ok calm down mayhaps but also PHYSICALLY fight me says something problematic and deletes it
Nancy McCormack namccormack
WoSoWeekly See 5 10 comment Was down with your prediction They re coming together Kriegs was fire Marta involv
1stHeadlines AtlantaNewsHeds
Atlanta GA Journal-Constitution - Atlanta MARTA back to normal after brake issue leads to smoke evacuation
New Day Review NewDayReview
65 Marta takes it down the left flank and centers it to Fields JamiaFields4 then takes a few touches middle and unloads ORLvNC NWSL
New Day Review NewDayReview
48 CHANCE Marta gathers it down the right then leads Krieger in the box who slides it to Fields So close ORLvNC NWSL

MARTA Delays
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