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Is ooVoo down at this time? Check the server status for mobile app if it is not working or giving errors. ooVoo is a program OR software just like Skype which allows you access to video & voice calls. Moreover it also allows you to send instant messages. On the other side you can use it for conference calls, but to maintain service quality 12 people restriction is there. You can only make group calls to 12 locations, with another feature of desktop sharing.

ooVoo Down

In addition to all above you can also make phone calls to landlines or mobiles via ooVoo for a fee. Moreover ooVoo app can be downloaded for Android, Mac OS X, MS Windows and Windows phone devices. Many of the features are similar to Skype. Anyhow if you get any problem while using ooVoo app on any device, you must submit the report here. The issues can be related with a specific region, moreover sometime may be a worldwide outage. However we will update you with any latest update, as soon as it develops.

If you have another thing to share with us, you can submit your reviews here in the comments section.

ooVoo Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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luce / on holiday ddnniedarko
RT oct0bersky this man was on the way to oovoo javer when his car broke down please help him get to oovoo javer he has never went there
NAWTY BUT NICE nicks_niknaks
Goodmorning tweeters Quick peek down my pants Add me on oovoo or wechat nawty nick and i ll show you more
BiBi BiMaeGdr
RT nicks niknaks Goodmorning jwu Quick peek down my pants Add me on oovoo and i ll show you more
🍁 autumnsoclassy
RT dorianmayw i was at autumn s everyday late nights on oovoo literally watching the sun come up and go down
ripaaron dorianmayw
i was at autumn s everyday late nights on oovoo literally watching the sun come up and go down
matt chubbyasian
abby ⊬ introspecbeat
if any of my mutuals ever want to skype or oovoo don t be afraid to ask me i m down for it tbh i love talking to you all
; 17 days B79924459
maybe all the hate is what tore them a fuckin part gosh chill tf down they still oovoo and guest
lenny KalifKoKo
Ashley Hart69 No problem No problem anything else call me you have my oovoo
Michael Michael91902294
Down Low Guy You should really check out ooVoo its seriously the coolest app ever
jasmine ottaviobradley
ooVoo look what my horrible friend said to me I think you should take down her oovoo saying stuff like that t
James Strzalka Skieslimit09
Line app down tango kakao talk yik yak meetme voxer omegle oovoo poke vine whisper tumblr shots of me cydia
D👑 davisdom413
Velasquez Ari oovoo was lit amp Yess I m down I ll Dm you my number

ooVoo Down
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