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  • Internet 0% issue reported
  • Telephone 0% issue reported
  • Website 0% issue reported
  • Webmail 0% issue reported
  • Login 0% issue reported
  • Others 0% issue reported
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Is Rogers down today? Check status of services including internet not working, TV, phone, Rogers outage, network issue and all other updates which you can think. Rogers communications is a Canadian company provides services to consumers of its jurisdiction, offered services includes telephone, cable TV, internet and other wireless services. Here is your tool for Rogers status checker, you can see the recent reports made by other consumers and can also read news about any latest outages.

Rogers Outage

The issues with Rogers services normally don’t occur too aggressively however sometimes the services goes down for some people and outages don’t affect a large number of population. You can leave a service status report here on this page and can also check current reports received from other users of Rogers services. Commonly reported problems are related to internet services, member account login, network issues, wireless down, website issues and other payments problems.

Brampton, Mississauga, London, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Ottawa, Kitchener, Concord, Scarborough, Markham, North York are the main areas from where we received most reports. If today you also find any of the Rogers service down you can make a report here.

Rogers Outage: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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Cameron West Cameron_West18
TELUS Bell Rogers doing the friendly switch to FreedomMobile It s just not working out sorrynotsorry
rei hino💕 itspugaputas
RT breeezybri some of y all weren t down w zapp amp rogers suga free dj quik Brenton wood amp the maryjane girls while growing up lol
😍buff😍 buffmarte
Mr Rogers on twitch is doing its job of calming me down cuz I still have creepy facehuggers on the brain
Nick Simpson SimpNick
RT YamCoWatchNow Thank you TVFR and your crew from Station 21 in Newberg They washed down the Rogers Landing Life Jacket Kiosk and inst
Alicia alicia_0009
lyndsay rogers I think we need to uh tone it down a bit over there
Erika lelied
me sitting up at 3am people who have a problem with steven grant rogers don t understand that isn t doesn t embody the US at all
James Rogers jamesdundalk
Niclas Vemmelund down in his own box Gary Rogers signals for him to be substituted
randall millard randadtrade
Rock Rogers StockCats paully steaks NYDOUGH mitchellreports paulkrugman The Help has taken down many a big
arnold i_maysveryown
City Watch Pmacgiollabhain Never knew Brendan Rogers as smoker Someone tell him to put down the crack pipe
Nancy Drover nancyoconnor34
Rogers Can you give me a timeline of when the work will be complete It s been an issue far too long
Gord Ellenson gordojays
RogersHelps Rogers promised my daughter a credit on her bill once she paid it down Now you guys are reneging on the deal
rogers shawnta Video highlights of the jet-quick guard with great handle shooting touch amp lock-down defensive att
RT JeffreyLuscombe Anyone else have a problem with Rogers 4K channels sputtering with patches of green Is it the broadcast or my Nextbo
Laursgonewild lauriemacdon
DaytimeRoyalty SuzanneC Rogers She needs to be the one to take down Victor s brother Wouldn t that be shocking
Julia Heiler AndarthaRasri
RT jess9923 SpeeksGeak909 Dude Secret Empire issue one is pretty good and Steve Rogers series is pretty great
Jesse jara jess9923
SpeeksGeak909 Dude Secret Empire issue one is pretty good and Steve Rogers series is pretty great
Rogers has escalated the issue to the VP level They admitted fault but only offering of the almost Need to be an advocate
Dr Stephen Till Londonallergist
ad rogers TelegraphFood Yes of course - lupin and mustard more of a problem in other parts of EU
randall millard randadtrade
Rock Rogers StockCats paully steaks Flawed DNA problem as pervasive as Opioids and Leftard Snowfakes Oy
Horkos WylieNewmark
I don t have a problem with Lieberman - the memes are just too hard to resist Not the best pick for FBI Director Best pick Mike Rogers
Gocrumom gocrumom
kwtx Have co-valedictorians Problem solved It s not that hard Fix it Rogers ISD

Rogers Outage
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