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Find out is SEPTA delays are on the way or schedule is still there. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority provides public transportation. It is an authority which operates many types of transport services. Moreover, the area of operation is Philadelphia, PA and some counties around it. Overall SEPTA serves about 4 million people, it is state created authority. Moreover the types of transit service include bus, subway and elevated rail. The list continues to commuter rail, light rail and electric trolleybus.

SEPTA Delays

There are about 290 stations and about 196 lines through which the service operations are run with. On the other side there are 2,295 vehicles which carries about 330 million rides annually. This figure is enough to show you the popularity of service. Anyhow if you got a problem with the service you can check the current status and outage reports. The transit system do not have issues so frequently, however it can occur any time.

If you today get any problem with it, you can check out the issue by using our website. We continuously monitor the SEPTA services, and delays are updated as they occur.

SEPTA Delays: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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✊🏽 britt2gifted
SEPTA SOCIAL This is more than rush hour delay been down here 40 minutes
Zero Excuses redemption2vism
SEPTA SOCIAL please someone direct message me about a pestilence issue aboard one of your busses Top priority
RT SEPTAPHILLY Cool down with a cold one TONIGHT at parksontap Save 1 if you ve a got a SEPTA Pass Key IS
Marybeth Rudzinski MarybethMkprudz
RT orthesecondone My trip started amp ended w great timing A slight delay meant I stepped off Amtrak amp right onto a SEPTA train trustt
steve dending SEPTA ELW We ll send another complaint over to Supervision Again is this an issue of enforcement
JMGR orthesecondone
My trip started amp ended w great timing A slight delay meant I stepped off Amtrak amp right onto a SEPTA train trustthetiming Postables
Talvin talvinamarich
SEPTA SOCIAL Please update SEPTA TRL 13 and Rte G Twitter feeds to reflect new detour down 56th 57th closed Chester lt - gt Springfield
Mark Austin Kableguy215
SEPTA SOCIAL Its just so inconvenient to remove that run in the morning plus for me its a safety issue getting to
neckbeard12 SEPTA PAO The was a power issue that was quickly resolved Should be on the move shortly NV
Joe Scott scottpj3
SEPTA SEPTAPHILLY Congrats on making the nytimes crossword 4 Down - BART San Francisco Philadelphia dpscott10
jbursich922 SEPTA Sorry for the delay per GPS there is one near City Av amp Old Lancaster Av headed your way KG
catsndplants SEPTA Many variables contribute to a delay at any time especially during rush hour Where are you wa
Chris Brown NotoriousCMB
SEPTA SOCIAL 9559 has been sitting over 10 minutes past when we re supposed to leave No announcement and it smells like a sewer down here
Victoria price PVictoriap403
RT SEPTAPHILLY Cool down with a cold one TONIGHT at parksontap Save 1 if you ve a got a SEPTA Pass Key ISEP
LuluBelle1313 SEPTA WIL Sorry for the delay train is delayed today due to equipment issues KG
LuluBelle1313 SEPTA WIL Train 9245 was lasted reported with about a 4 min delay headed towards Temple KG
Kat PassthehorizonN
Pregnant air conditioner not working on SEPTA SOCIAL SEPTA s train one miserable person I don t know how I m gonna do this hr ride
msb622 mjamesb320
SEPTA SOCIAL SEPTA This is abuse No one has given us an update And this train shut down yesterday too
Ari☀️ Ariana_Soleil
I love it when construction workers leave donot enter signs on the street and the septa bus driver goes down the street anyway brilliant
Heir Meezy A_major420
I m sliding down temple cuz I m bored and I don t want this day pass for septa to go to waste lol
Rose shutupbose
SEPTA SOCIAL It s a good thing I did too because the bus didn t turn down Torresdale There were no signs at Wakeling nor Pratt
~Traci~ Traci7399
SEPTA SOCIAL miremengjes ok as u no Trolly13 is I walk up to Trolly 11 n run dat down to 49th n Woodland can I catch bus 67
Steven Weisberg 3chordwonder
SEPTA SOCIAL That I was tracking on the app which had them going down Walnut then stopping at Walnut amp 24th-ish
Steven Weisberg 3chordwonder
SEPTA SOCIAL Ah I meant I was waiting at Schuykill amp Chestnut Since the bus usually comes down Walnut I was loo

SEPTA Delays
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