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Is Upwork down? Check the server status if you have any issue with the service, outages are not often but can occur. Upwork is formerly known as oDesk & eLance, it is the largest freelancer marketplace in the world. If you got the problem with service you can check out the possible outages and problems with us. There are about 3 million jobs available on this platform each year and there are 12 million register freelancers.

Upwork Down

Upwork provides a platform where the business and professional individuals connect remotely for a job. Upwork is establishes as a result of merger of oDesk and Elance. If you today have any issues with the service then you can submit a report here. We here have provided Upwork outage map, and graph for the issues and problems.

We are continuously monitoring the servers of Upwork website, if you have anything to share don’t hesitate. The comments section below will help you to express your opinion with others about Upwork performance and quality of service.

Upwork Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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excitable honky excitablehonky
Upwork I seem to be unable to upload a photo of my driver s license to your website and there s no real help for the resolving the issue
Alicia B AlicBa4
What happened Upwork I can t respond to my clients Site down as allways
Kamz K TuneInfinity
Upwork No problem keep up the good work I have a great idea how you can get more exposure and help refugees if you re interested
Faith Alison faithtin21
It s bin a while Paypal Nagkamali cguro send I m not working w Upwork anymore bt some1 sent ds 2 me Thank you
Amanda Caswell AmandaCaswell
UpworkHelp Ur solution to my problem of having my identity stolen from Upwork was to give me 60 credits I DONT TR
Amanda Caswell AmandaCaswell
Upwork YOU HAD ONE JOB Filter the jobs Better Business Bureau will shut you down No better than craigslist
panx panx_sem
The problem is you think you have time etlos upwork quotes quote people life men boys
Vlad ROSS_Solar
Downsides being a freelancer Upwork is down for 4hrs now can t work but have due dates and really want to get at least 3hrs to sleep
Mary Jo jomaa_maryam
Upwork also owns ironic or they have a really good psychic that predicted their site being down every other day
Mary Jo jomaa_maryam
Seems like upwork is DOWN more often than up Perhaps a name change is in order upwork
Douill' douill
RT ryanachin upwork is down as usual How about hiring some devs on your site assuming the site isn t down
Upwork Help UpworkHelp
mehrozalipasha Hi Mehroz you should have been able to login on the Upwork Desktop App before the site went down
Unbuttoned Glutton unbuttonglutton
Upwork - you need to fix that crap website you run It s down constantly It s getting old Elance NEVER had this problem
https:// hareeshtweets
RT Upwork Harness These 4 Habits to Bring an End to Your Procrastination Problem quora inc getworkdone https
Upwork Help UpworkHelp
NeroW01fe Hi Sergey sorry about the confusion Our engineers have corrected the earlier issue with the Upwork sit
Victoria Zurakowski VicZurakowski
UpworkHelp bug in news feed for 5 days now Can t scroll past pg 2 Joke since I pay Also can t contact upwork via platfrm -not working

Upwork Down
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