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USPS down right now? Check the server status of and if tracking not working there may be an outage of service or server busy error which you can see on official website. United States Postal Service (USPS) is commonly known as postal office, U.S. Mail, and Postal Service, the agency was formed in 1970 and works under United States Government. The service is quite popular and is used extensively by consumers, so the problems can occur over the services status and you can get errors while using online USPS system.


If today you got the problem with the service and it shows you some errors and problems you can simply check the service status from here which will let you know about the working condition of USPS. The common reported issues are asking about the USPS website down, unable to use USPS tracking code is it down?, The package which is sent last week is not reached to its destination is it lost?, The address to which I sent the mail is exactly right but USPS systems say that address did not exists and many more with a long list that if we started to write it will not end up.

If you have any complaints, outages, issues OR problems with USPS services you can submit a complaint here OR can also add the service review by writing the comments in the below section.

USPS Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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The Best Man _Angel_OC
expedited shipping services have really let me down if it isn t coming in the time frame I need it they lose it you USPS
Zack Chatterton zack_chatterton
stampchez Yep courier Never have a problem with UPS FedEX even USPS all same person on same route not just random person
♡ JASMINEBLU ♡ Jasmine_blu
the prices i charge are literally what i have to pay and sometimes even less to usps to ship i hope to bring them down in price soon
FUsps Mailhandler2
Fuck usps budget office damn air conditioning been broke for ass Computers keep shutting Down the processing equipment bc so hot
Matt Roberson lospapamatt
Friendly reminder to make sure your USPS has water ain t no bday chex from grandma if they go down PayItForwardFriday
George Patterson ggapatterson
AmazonHelp The problem w usps as a carrier is they aren t accountable I understand why you need to diversify de
The Gizzy™ GizzyMogwai
ItsTedWilson CliffClemlins BTLSRadio USPS USPSHelp He stated he was going down to the post office and go posta
David King DavidAaronKing
USPS UPS FedEx have no problem finding my new construction house But LaserShip Attempted Could not locate Pickup Incorrect Address
Ryan D. Sullivan ryandonsullivan
I forgot I asked this question but the answer was DHL FedEx FedEx Home Delivery UPS and USPS 9 packages Amazon might have a problem
Christine cmjcmj13
USPS USPS i live in the same place but I get no mail for days Amazon seems to have no problem deliver
Jeremy Smola jeremysmola
USPS The option to schedule a pickup through the USPS website is down Any estimate as to when this will be resolved Thank you in advance
Giancarlo gianni_vn
USPS Since Christmas you have done absolutely nothing about this problem The AVERAGE wait today was hours n
Paul Van Dyke tecknocrat
LincolnWeeps4US StarTrekRoom StarTrek USPS Thx now I get it it s just that we re Down Under so things r littl
Stephen Colbert stephencolbertr
Revenue problem USPS Have you considered mail trucks that are also ice cream trucks You re welcome
fragolinamoda fragolinamoda
still really bummed that usps Chicago seems utterly uninterested in finding my TheNickBox I was counting down the days for arrival
Paige pebrowning
Shoutout to USPS for literally rocket launching my package over the gate today instead of opening it and simply putting it down champs
Public Hermit ProfessorBerman
Thanks USPS for closing down two locations in my neighborhood I am now getting bonuscardio powerwalking to ups cc d BowieStyleFete
bobofkake GAB_bobofseattl
AmazonHelp not yet they keep shipping via usps the big problem is i am in a wheelchair the lock box that the orders 1 2
Geri Mars GeriMars
Hey USPS Why don t you shut-down your BellGardens CA USPSsortingfacility The place is a blackhole It gets
ACOT500_Safety ACOT500_Safety
RT DenisGobo Broken down postal truck about to be towed usps towtruck postalservice truck New Jersey
Ben branchman68
ChrisHohnholz USPS When an issue arises it s nearly impossible to find anyone to take ownership of the problem to
Kim Cung KimCungTV
Anyone ever try to track down a USPS delivery man for a package That s me right now

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