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Is Voxer down right now? See the status of service if it shows errors or not working completely. Voxer is a mobile app by which users can send & receive messages. It allows to send voice, text messages you can also send images. The Voxer Walkie Talkie app for mobiles is very popular to use Voxer on smartphones. You can use the app on Android, Windows and iOS mobile phones. Voxer have both ‘push-to-talk and a live ‘Walkie Talkie’ feature in the voice messaging system.

Voxer Down

If today you got the service down, or if it is not working properly. Then you can see the status of Voxer outage here, the service normally works fine. However the issues can occur at any time, that is why we monitor it on regular basis. If you have any thing to share about the problems occurring with Voxer, than you are at right place to share something with us.

Problems with Voxer app are not so often, but sometimes you may see app crashes after long usage. This may be natural, because the app may need a restart to maintain the perfect user experience.

Voxer Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

Is Voxer Down & you are facing problems today, check out the live outage reports OR submit a review below. -------  

Elizabeth Merce EMercedLearning
TechWarriorKES HCWren check this out This may be a viable solution to my problem Shoutout to voxer and
KathyPerret KathyPerret
A4 educoach has a Voxer group Has been inactive lately - but has been a good place to problem solve Message me if you want added
Samuel Karns TexAHPERD voxer 1 2 We are working on VOXER struggling to get members on board Not giving up thoug
Meredith Roe mea_ellen
Hello my Voxer ladies My Voxer is not working properly im having some phone issues from time to time But can
Robin Diedrichs blueegg3r
A3 I have just been exposed to Voxer -don t quite have it down yet - I highly recommend edcamp Just attended one unconference satchat
Thomas Martellone TomMartellone
A3 I agree w others blogging edcamps Voxer Digital tools help break down walls amp connect although great to meet in person satchat
M A E Maebaleen
voxer app having struggles again It s not working on my phone like two days ago
Angela Huntley AngieHuntley
I communicate with the people closest to me using the Voxer App It is NOT WORKING If you re trying to get ahold
Bill Kennon BillKennon
voxer I sent messages during the outage I sent them before I knew there was an outage How can I get them to now send They still haven t
Patrick Krason PatrickKrason
voxer tomkatis bradcarriger Disagree Still don t know issue Slow to fix 7 hrs amp no good info in comms Just mo
Tiana Smith tiana_smith
voxer It s not working for me on the computer either I really appreciate your team s response to this though Good work
Derek Larson lars3eb
kmartintahoe voxer The voxer team is quickly working to resolve some technical difficulties due to an outage Th
Derek Larson lars3eb
rainydayinmay voxer Voxer is experiencing technical difficulties due to an outage They are working to resolve a
Monika King ksedleader
RT voxer Here is what we know about the current outage this is affecting iOS users only Android and still worki
Pam suburbanhomeCEO
Android not working RT voxer Here is what we know about the current outage this is affecting cont
Fred Ende FredEnde
RT lars3eb bamameghan FredEnde ChrisYuknis alinadavis MicheleOgdenEdu TameraMus voxer I m sure the outage is raising their anxiety
Coach Pirillo CoachPirillo
pe4everykid voxer Yep me too Started a few hours ago Then saw an app update and downloaded it but still not working
Eddie Sipe EddieSipe
nateakin voxer Same here ClintDarst and I tried around 4 30 and it s still not working I thought it was our co
Patrick Krason PatrickKrason
voxer tomkatis I speak for many Patience gone Fix the problem or declare bankruptcy and let somebody else offer
Patrick Krason PatrickKrason
voxer tomkatis Don t know what problem is or how long it will last No info CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COMMS FAIL FIX

Voxer Down
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