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If Waze not working today, here you can see the status of GPS application, reports of poeple having problems with it are also provided. Waze is a GPS based navigational app for mobiles or tablets, the application gives users information about the routes, travel times and other things which are needed to a traveler. Waze was developed by an Israeli Company ‘Waze Mobile’ but now its owner is Google.

Waze Not Working

The problems occur at intervals and people reports the issue over here either in the comments section or in the graph available here. All of the users of Waze get annoyed if the service gets completely down for a period of time, although this happens rarely but it do so and can also be happen in the foreseeable future at anytime. Waze app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, Symbian & Windows devices, the application allows users to see the accidents, traffic jams and speed traps which are submitted by users.

The Waze app also allows you to see the best and cheap gas pumps which are submitted by users, if you got any problem today with the Waze Application you can submit the report here on this portal.

Waze Not Working: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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Mooreyameen 亞銘 mooreyameen
Grab my waze is not working so I m using google maps but i m not so familiar with maps so I hope you can guide me if I m lost Me zzzzzzzzz
schoolpal76 MatthewFPoston
Uber Support is there an issue with waze not working with the Uber Driver app
Joanna Marie jm_corwin
Orange line closed in MD for a month and driving in DC traffic to get to work No problem - waze gets me there TY waze and Wazers
Daniel Wheatley Daniel_Wheatley
WUPSDawson got a while before I m home No problem though I ve got waze amp DawsAngeles playing another
Enso108 enso108
waze That doesn t solve the problem I need you to email new log in details or fix the password reset page thank you
waze waze
bradfordneal Sorry about that We re afraid Waze can not differentiate between lanes right now We re working on it and it s coming soon
Niki youkaine
waze More than two weeks and over 500 kilometers later I m still a baby Waiting for the issue to be fixed
Reneé Dominique heyimrenee
Uber tip 141 when you re in a rush and there was some kind of delay with your poolmate or a waze problem don t get pissed Take uberX
SMARTCares Is there a problem with Smart s connection with Waze I get Searching network message on mobile data Waze is ok on home wifi
Reinhart reinhart85
SMARTCares hi since the network upgrade Waze FB twitter not working on lte but browsing is ok Works fine when on wifi
waze Several long trips on 10-12 May missing from history and points Earlier and later trips were recorded ok Issue
Noah Forman nyctaxiphoto
hi AskLyft I d like 2 ty 4 paying me 4 the 50 powerzone owed 2 me on Sunday this week s problem is compatibility issues w waze app
Cindy Norman cindylnorman
radiotalkermike Waze is a user generated GPS app If you slow down it asks you about traffic accidents etc
Lemuel Aquino LAquino25
MMDA Hi clarify ko lang po un use of waze app if un mobile nakalagag po sa gilid left side wala nman po problem dun thanks
Patrick Gomez patrickdegomez
rawrmonz Haha ok lang naman yung bawal gumamit ng phones while driving Pero ang issue ko is w Waze I need the ph
sean boulger idiots_delight
AskLyft Looks like there is a pretty big issue w Waze data sharing Started this morning Lmk if you want more info
JD Lombardi jdlwrites
NavyYardPhila waze That is the problem with u youngsters The human eye knows more than an app Lol so sad Many of us saw no traffic
jpgurza jpgurza
To many Uber drivers complaining about the performance of waze in the last week with the uber app hope this problem could solve asap
Erin Eldridge ChateauErin
TomFixedIt waze waze lots of problem merges in Houston too Could Waze prefer not to merge into stopped traffic
shuhel shuhel_
UberUKsupport cant use waze on uber partner app Any idea why Its been a while not working

Waze Not Working
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