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Is Wikipedia down right now? Check out what has happened with the online encyclopedia website which is also known as world largest encyclopedia portal. The problems do occur with the service but the total outage is seen rarely. It is owned by a non-profit entity ‘Wikimedia Foundation’ it allows all of its users to edit any article which is accessible also. The project was launched in 2001 and is created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, you can access Wikipedia in 292 different languages.

Wikipedia Down

There are many issues and problems which can irritate you while using the service, however if you got any problem with the service you must check out the service status available here. There may be any scheduled maintenance which led the down-time, sometimes the schedule maintenance is not announced and so you might be affected with this. Wikipedia receives millions of visitors searching for different things, the most famous categories of website are Arts, Biography, Geography, History, Mathematics, Science, Society and Technology. No matter which thing you are looking for, you can get info about all things at Wikipedia.

If you got any error with the service while using the website or problems with Wikipedia app? you must submit a report here on this portal about the issue which you got while using Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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Mylee Joseph myleejoseph
This Month in GLAM Volume VII Issue XII December 2017 wikipedia glamwiki libraries museums
AngPange InferiusMor
I know I m behind amp this all went down in 2012 I m also well aware that with Wikipedia anyone can post anything there 17
AngPange InferiusMor
So out of curiosity as to her departure I checked out her Wikipedia page I scrolled down to the Career section amp felt rage in my gut 8
RT two2eagles JamesTHarris Tear down New Orleans too Wikipedia By 1840 New Orleans had the largest slave market in the nation p
ThePiccadillyRats GPiccadillyRats
Wikipedia bullying us do what you like take it down now please please please Fucking hell BOTHERED NO
Popconclothing Popconclothing1
Does he have to wait for October for a court case whilst not working just because of Wikipedia ThuliMadonsela3
XXXDentacion casualdennis
ChrisRyan77 thewatchpod emeryg andygreenwald Had to put this down and read a Wikipedia summary because of the p
STARNEWS starnewsn1
Wikipedia Knows It Has a Sexism Problem And Is Trying Surprisingly Hard to Fix It
Kevin Seah MrSeahdotcom
Before listening Wikipedia Hitler Brexit and racism Neat little introduction to the issue
Angel France bangtantrash14_
arianatron420 VivreSehun mctaetae010 shitdown TakeMeToTheSky7 kaixxxoo I think wikipedia is not the problem
The Good Tweets Gent ITweetVeryGood
PrestonWlsn bomani jones do you seriously still think Russia is a communist country Keep scrolling down that Wikipedia page
bank-edits bankedits
P versus NP problem Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Mizuho Financial Group
mad(ness) online divinemadness
Even just go read the sexual harassment section of his Wikipedia page then maybe calm down a bit

Wikipedia Down
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