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Is Wix down? Check out the server status of by using the website status checking tools available here. Wix is a web-development and hosting platform, which allows its users to make HTML5 websites and mobile sites by using the website builder with drag and drop feature. The service was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami & Giora Kaplan, the headquarters of company are located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Is Wix Down

The website normally works fine and problems are not reported so much, however the issues never arises with a pre-alert. We have created this page for our users to make the reports against any problems and issues which they found while using No matter which type of issues you are having, if it is an error, service outage, issues with hosting or error while upgrading your website to premium functionalities. There are any issues which you got today? If yes then you must submit the problem here in the graph or in the comments section below.

Is Wix Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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alicia kelly alikellijamaica
Wix WixHelp Thank you so much I was able rectify my issue Great support videos happy new year
James Esposito cambridgino
Wix Hi can you help me with an issue I am having connecting my domain shows ssl certification in progress how it works
Gallery 1919 Gallery1919Hfx
WixHelp Wix the problem persists The site is up but it is not recognizing my Facebook login
WixHelp Further to the problem It has been resolved thanks to you and the expert support at the billing department TOP MARKS TO WIX
Sheena Keshav sheenakeshav
Wix Hi Wix Are you having trouble with Wix Support at the mo Can t access my ticket to communicate with you re an ongoing issue
Colette Kinsella RedHareColette
letshost Well it points to s WIX host So hard to figure out where the problem is WIX seems to be online I ca
HoboChangUK If the problem persists please give a shout to our friends at WixHelp 2 2
A'toney the_toney
Wix hi I m already using it my problem is the viagra content appearing amongst the Google search results under my website name
Wix Help WixHelp
tweetsbyPaul84 Wix C Is the issue happening on your live site Or in the Editor or Blog Manager
Kevin Neuner viaministries
Wix I have a technical issue not currently on any of your help pages but can t find where to upload an image to show you what s happening
SatyamHosting satyamhosting
RT thesekaiblog Wix Hi HUGE problem My domain expired and I cant renew b c my account says it s no longer with Wix can t find custome
Rita Kroon Rita_Kroon
LoriAMooreKY I had the same problem with WIX Switched to Word Press Blue Host Still setting up my website but b
OskarHowell Sorry to hear that Please contact our friends at WixHelp They ll be happy to help you with this issue
The Sekai Blog thesekaiblog
Wix Hi HUGE problem My domain expired and I cant renew b c my account says it s no longer with Wix can t find customer support anywhere
Dima Ryskin DimaRyskin
NortonSupport Note that AVG and Avast had already released a fix for the problem Can we at Wix assist in resolving the issue
Wix WixHelp I don t have a problem this error is on your pricing page I ve just wanted to point on this so you c
Becki ❀ EternalRemorse
Wix Sounds like I wasn t the only person with that problem then Such a strange site to block
AVG Support AVGSupport
bavelb We are sorry but Wix developers has reported this issue to AVG and our developers are working on it Thank you AS
Emma-Jayne emma_unico
avast antivirus Wix is finally working again Thank you to whoever fixed the problem
Lea & Jojo LeaJojo1
Wix rabbittheory Please same problem here in Switzerland onlineshop working on iOS and not working on windows Please help
lauren🌙 recklesshaIsey
LauretteRyan emma unico avast antivirus Wix Do you have the problem with all of wix or just your blog site
lauren🌙 recklesshaIsey
gabrieelbarbosa AvastSupport Wix Do you have the problem with all of wix or just your blog site
Kaila Heath PennedbyKai
Wix My personal site and my client site are both down now as well so it s just not the editor function that is not working big problem
Kaila Heath PennedbyKai
Wix Currently down Editor is not working and bringing up my antivirus software message
Yoshi Vu yoshivu
Wix WixHelp I tried it but on both my desktop and laptop I m having the same issue Is there another solution

Is Wix Down
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