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Do you got Zynga down? Check the website server status if it is not working or giving error while loading in browser. Zynga is a website where you can access online games and mobile games, it is a provider of social video games and was founded in 2007. Zynga is an American based website and was founded by Mark Pincus, Justin Waldron, Eric Schiermeyer, Michael Luxton and Steve Schoettler.

Zynga Down

If you got any issue with the service you must check out here the server status of Zynga.com/ the commonly reported issues are related with login, error while sign up, game not loading, crashes of app on smart phone and some other very minor issues. If you today got any problem with the service you must submit a report here, this will help us to create a database of issues which users experience of Zynga network.

Zynga Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 16th of October 2017

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★D★❾ Deathrageous
wordwithfriends solochallenge is not working zynga I have uninstalled and disconnected from fb I have done ever
Linda Lamb moonchild1944
Farmville Zynga still sucks Fire everyone amp hire new people who can fix this slow problem please
影が薄く eclipsadaaa
zynga I can not access the stores or the game chat nor let me connect with facebook Please can you solve the problem farmville2
jasoncwarner julielerman zynga Shame Trump s battery has not run down At least the battery bunny is amusing a
Jonfun™ jonfun
Hey zynga ZyngaSupport what s with Basketball with Friends clock going from a 45 second counter down to 15 Bring back the 45
little j friendlyfarmerj
farmville2 Still an issue with the iOS game ZyngaSupport zynga
conor worrall WorrallConor
zyngapoker hi emailed zynga support can u please confirm if there still looking at my issue please because I ve not a clue what going on
conor worrall WorrallConor
zyngapoker that tweet which u sent me with the email address is that the one I email with the problem or the zynga support one
Brian P. Maguire brianpmaguire
WordsWFriends zynga having an issue with one game where my turn keeps resetting I play a word then minutes later it disappears
TMMC Themoomoocow
Pobelter Blame Zynga for buying and instantly closing that shit down cunts
VideogamesClub 2 gamesandtraile1
Please RT games videogames Zynga s Solstice Arena Disappears from the App Store Shutting Down in
Cody CodyGamer84
Zynga doubles down on Zynga Poker with Snapchat lens gamer
Positive Thots TheEsquireof212
RT JacobGaunt20 What a joke Facebook poker is Zynga poker proper needs closing down big time going to burn the bastard building down fu
rajeev sharma rsharma1977
isnt it that share price is going down Snapchat soon going to be next zynga by the way Snapchat is for dumb who want to look more dumber
fang01 bradleeshane1
zynga sorry to say I will no longer be playing ur games went to play castleville legends only to see you shut it down Plarium games listen
DawnOfTitans zynga Also you need to fix the issue that is having rangers walk right into the troops and nor shooting from afar

Zynga Down
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