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Apple TV not working? Check here the updates and reasons which led the problems and issues to arise and find is the service down just for you or all others. Due to millions of users for this black box, sometimes errors may arise and can affect people coming to server after a specific load.

Apple TV Not Working

With this innovative technology consumers can access to movies, TV Shows, music, Netflix and much more to entertain with. Commonly reported problems which are reported here on this platform includes Apple TV WiFi problems, Apple TV audio issue, Apple TV power cable problems, AirPlay problems, Apple TV remote issue and some other very common problems which can be fixed by just a restart of your Apple TV set top box.

If you have any issue while accessing your favorite program via Apple TV, you can submit your problem here by using either comments box or the outage graph status submission form.

Apple TV Not Working: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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ray hahn rayhahn1
BigJohnnyArcher But will this fix the black issue from all sources not just the apple TV
Tom Lewis tomtom_lewis
nowtvhelp randomly cut out whilst watching the lions on Apple TV- wifi working fine so that s not the issue Not h
AcornTV is not working right now CDN must be down Decline and fall not loading on apps apple TV etc
Joey Creel JoeyCreel
Anyone else having a problem with the netflix app since the last update My phone and Apple TV shut off randomly when watching stuff
Hotstar hotstar_helps
roshanabbas hotstartweets If its on Apple TV please delete the app and reinstall Do let us know if you still face an issue
felsandric felsandric
iPwnStore my Kodi is not working on Apple TV 4 -TV OS Has apple revoked certificates again
Hulu Support hulu_support
ZetaBoucher Are you using an Apple TV or another Apple device iPhone Mac If the former old or new model What issue are you seeing
fuboTV Support fuboTVsupport
adriangranados Our DVR feature is not available on Apple TV yet but we are working on an update to include it in the future -AV
Lee LeeLeeTennis
anna tennisfan TennisTV I don t have problem with android app Only with Apple TV
Tim Faulkner jtimmyf
DIRECTVNowHelp Directv Now app used on Apple TV Not an app issue because it plays fine during the day Not an ISP
KIZ ikiss68
PlexPy NETFLEX hazimozim Apple TV started playing Fargo - The Narrow Escape Problem
© mobile_reach
ggbourne BenBajarin Accessing them on Apple TV - is a sync issue ALL Apple software amp services have massive
Made some scones amp apple slices for worldbakingday sat down with a cuppa to post photo turned on TV Extreme cake makers on don t think so
John Bantten JohnBantten
RogersNHLGCL RogersHelps Is there a problem with GCL on my apple tv hasn t played games last 2 nights android box works
Nate Cochrane natecochrane
RT victoraudioblog hulu support HDCP Error on Apple TV but not always my cable is ok Problem since new app
Julie Scattergood Jul_Scattergood
MacFormat I was lucky winner of Apple TV and Infuse Pro 5 License in issue 311 Rec d Apple TV but still waiting on License Can you help
Louis Block Blocktek
muchowowow AMC TV BetterCallSaul Apple Any luck with this I have the same problem Using Xfinity Comcast
pfreet pfreet
colinake This is the biggest problem Does not work on the mac does not work on Apple TV less than v4 Have not t
JayBee BigSniffs
Recibotz Unlocator Yup Exact same problem I cannot access Sky News on Apple TV 4
littlewolf515 DanielLeeSewell
FunimationHelp I m going to keep asking please fix the issue with Code Geass on the Apple TV
Peter Garry pbgarry
TalkTalk Apple iPhone iPads tv wired sky box fire stick laptop All usual stuff Issue is that the router isn
AppleSupport DavidC NWA Should be working fine but if not our Apple TV team would love to help Reach out to t
Recibotz Recibotz
Unlocator hi is there a problem with Now TV from the UK on Apple TV 4 Sky News also a problem

Apple TV Not Working
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  • amblur

    I’ve been having issues with the YouTube app. When I search using Siri, the only results that appear are movies available for rent. When I slowly type out my search letter by letter using the trackpad on the remote, the search works accurately but for some reason I don’t get the same results using the microphone.