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Having CenturyLink outages today? Check the status of CenturyLink services down report including internet, home security, phone, TV and all others. Century Link was founded in 1968 and its now it is 3rd largest telecom service provider of U.S. and serves about 37 states. If today you are also having problems with any of CenturyLink service you can submit your report here. As you are searching to browse the www.centurylink.com down status then report us.

CenturyLink Outages

The normal operations of company are right and works fine but the internet problems are reported more if compared to other services. Any problem arising and is reported by the people can be found here, we continuously monitor the service and update our visitors if any thing happens over the network. CenturyLink also owns some companies which are listed below CenturyTel companies, Embarq, Qwest and Savvis all of the services provided by these companies are now owns by CenturyLink.

Some of the common reported problems by the CenturyLink customers includes login issue, self serve account problems, unable to make a payment, error while changing the package and some others. If you are also having issues with the service don’t forget to report here as this is the emerging and will be the best platform for CenturyLink customers to report their problems. check out the CenturyLink Outages map historical report based on  tweets and visitors reported at our website .

CenturyLink Outages: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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May mayster
Can t believe CenturyLink suspended our internet without even notifying us that there was an issue with our card
Clover misscloverg
I even have a confirmation from the last time CenturyLink said the problem was fixed And yet my internet was turned off today
Mikey Tyson HeyMikeyHeLikes
CenturyLink Please fix your cable feed Paying you for access to MSNBC and it s not working Yo
The CenturyLink outage put us behind Podcasts 5 17 now up incl NetNeutrality Rep Tom Garrett amp JohnAdamsforVA
Darth Intern DarkSideIntern
CenturyLinkHelp CenturyLink This person Josephina P just wants to transfer me to tech support The issue is the
Mindy SongBird3411
MrMrrbi imstillhungry95 curryalley CenturyLink Never found DTV to be a problem though it is expensive Always
shiny rebel Glitrende_Tispe
So the CenturyLink online chat rep was a waste of time but the CenturyLinkHelp rep answered my question with no problem or fuss at all
shiny rebel Glitrende_Tispe
Dear CenturyLink your chat rep Steven E is obtuse and recalcitrant and is refusing to do what has never been a problem before
John Wallace wallacefoto
centurylink Internet not working for weeks spent hours on phone already only to have service guy come NEXT Sunday Help please
Joshua Freeman jfreemanfp
CenturyLink has resolved my problem I was doing the wrong thing by calling and writing them The right way is to complain on Twitter
James TheeEdge
markavink CenturyLink Fld U2 My biggest issue was once inside the building and being crammed all together in a v
Lawrence scaduto LawrenceScaduto
pdx hates centurylink and their aggressive door knocking I have no problem telling them to buzz off
Richard Duflo 9Richard19
SongBird3411 CenturyLink CenturyLinkHelp That s what they do They don t fix your issue they just make a note o
PALMER derrah74
CenturyLink Fld u2 please have the ticketing issue fixed for the SEA show That didnt look good last night in VAN stuck outside Thnx
Jamie Todd wolfcrane
CenturyLinkHelp I ve been having this issue with CenturyLink DSL since I got service back in 2010 I was told by C
Владимир fastmildpotlo11
RT Rightwing cielo CenturyLink Why always when I call your company to figure what s wrong with my internet they say it s a Problem on t
HLRose FCToadaway
Liveoveaugh comcast A switch to CenturyLink at half the price completely solved the problem
Kim Thurman ORHawksFan
Going on 10 hrs today of CenturyLink outage in my area and still no update on how long I won t have internet
Travis Proietti travis_proietti
CenturyLink I ve had this problem for going on six months Have had techs come and fix my service over and over and OVER again
tekniik ItsTekniik
CenturyLink CenturyLinkHelp Is there a problem with your guys servers or sumtin my internet is complete trash past few days
Jenn Golden jgolden1224
CenturyLink issue still not resolved I would go without internet before I ever do business with this company again CenturyLinkHelp

CenturyLink Outages
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