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Searching for CloudFlare Status? Here you can check the server status down, if you are having problems with the service and getting the server down error. CloudFlare is a famous content delivery network and internet security service provider. Sometimes we receive reports about the service outage, so here we have created a page where our team is regularly monitoring the service and updates the visitors with any on going CloudFlare outage.

CloudFlare Status

CloudFlare prevent your site from any DDos or Spam attck which is common on internet, if the service goes down you may be prone to get any such attack. The commonly reported issues includes problems with login, cPanel stuck, DNS setup is not proper, any other setting issue while installation.

If you have any other problems beside all those written above you should submit your reports here, this will prevent future service failures and helps CloudFlare to keep an eye on the errors in service.

CloudFlare Status: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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plambrechtsen plambrechtsen
freitasm michaelmurfy Cloudflare geekz1 The problem is michaelmurfy will take it as a recommendation and expec
Mrgeekchris Mrgeekchris
IcyApril Cloudflare it was regarding 2 factor authentication issue Which I got active ticket I figured I can e-mail support
Lavanya lavanyaCF5
Sk1er Cloudflare There is an issue that is being worked on you can check the below link for further updates
Joel Coen dreadtatum
Cloudflare We have a clients website that has been down for 24 hours and we can t get support Make the internet work the way it should
Sk1er Sk1er_
Increased cloudflare caching to 1 day from 12 hours for levelhead Should help a little The biggest issue currently is the new players
GGbookeu GGbookeu
The Cloudflare issue will be taking longer than expected If you re having trouble accessing the site please contact us on Discord or email
llull llull
Cloudflare having login issue -- current login page doesn t recognize email domain combination -- how to proceed can i chat or dm
Shantanu Goel shantanugoel
captn3m0 kingslyj RBI issue as in security lack of by using cloudflare amp is that the origin host IP
Junade Ali IcyApril
BenSjoberg Cloudflare comcastcares Just confirmed with our team that it s an ISP side issue we ll attempt to wo
Ben Sjoberg BenSjoberg
IcyApril Cloudflare comcastcares Yeah it s still down Just re-ran mtr and curl and got the same result
Cloudflare I have a problem with the platform and the support page is not working for me what other communication channel can I use
uptimerobot Hey getting The monitor World Class Ride websitename is currently DOWN HTTP 522 - CloudFlare Timeout But the site is up
Rosh Dillon MasterRDillon
kingslyj rvp It should be possible for cloudflare to also receive EMAILs sent to the rbi dot org dot in domain - which is serious issue
Patrick Donahue prdonahue
wesbos xxdesmus Nikolo z Cloudflare we re exploring integrating with LE others to support TLDs that comodo won t issue for
Justin xxdesmus
Nikolo z wesbos Cloudflare SSL vendor s decision Likely a sanctions issue
SatyamHosting satyamhosting
RT IcyApril webdigi Cloudflare This looks like an issue with your web host s network You should contact them for further support
Junade Ali IcyApril
webdigi Cloudflare This looks like an issue with your web host s network You should contact them for further support
Junade Ali IcyApril
MarianSteinbach Cloudflare Apologies We re aware of an issue affecting users with extensions that block Optimize
Christian Yost yostandtoast
Hey Cloudflare your customer service sucks I can t talk to you on the phone and your close my ticket before the problem is even fixed
Šime Vidas simevidas
OVanhoja notquiteleo No problem Just something that confused me when I was updating my Cloudflare DNS config No
GTsayde gtsayde
BeaverBuilder What we frequently found a problem is that even when we clear caches on our own server CloudFlare s
GTsayde gtsayde
BeaverBuilder any possibility to add media query to the page specific CSS JS to help solve problem with cloudflare cache
Tom Dalling tom_dalling
andyw8 Thanks it s an old Github hosting issue but hopefully Cloudflare can fix it Nor

CloudFlare Status
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