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Check out current DIREC TV outage and problems if it is not working today, DirecTV is an American Satellite TV provider and is owned by AT&T. Total outage of DirecTV service is seen rarely although other problems are reported here so often, commonly reported issues are as followings. Unable to add a channel, no signal found, a specific channel saying scrambled signal, or dish receiver problems. What type of issue is it you can check out the current reports and issues which DirecTV is having in your region and in other areas of United States.


We continuously monitor the  Direct TV service and if we get the service down at any time we update our visitors regarding the type of problem and possible time it will take to completely figure out. The map provided here will show you the areas where the service is currently down, and also it shows how widespread the problem is going and which regions are affected with this outage.

All of the consumers of DirecTV satellite service should add a report here if the service goes down, this is the best place to check out what has happened with the service and possible reasons which led Direc TV down.

Official website of Direct TV is, you can check the Direct TV outage map report here posted by twitter users while they are unable to browse the Direct TV website.


DIRECTV Outage: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

Is DIRECTV Outage & you are facing problems today, check out the live outage reports OR submit a review below. -------  

oujenn oujenn
koconews any idea why channel 5 isn t working on DirecTV Local problem Or the feed coming from NY
Monty Lee montylee
DIRECTV Since HELP is down how do I find channels for ALTITUDE ASPIRE Discovery Life Enslave Fusion Gala MAVTV PRST amp REVOLT
Monty Lee montylee
DIRECTV Lots of web issues HELP is down Package display has NO INFO when you click icon for more info empty box Stations missing
Kristina Aasen Krissertina
JMSoriano225 DIRECTV amazonfiretv Nope the guy told us to cut our tree down I m sure our HOA would love that
Vincent Duvall VinceDuvall
DIRECTV is customer serviced by people who know nothing of their product Online video player not working since their upgrade Any help
Fultz Hive ☘ MPleasing69
We were down by 10 my tv cut off cause of rain Fuck Directv and I come back to being down 50 what the fuck y all
Ashley Young ms_ash1ey
Hey DIRECTV Turn down your motherfucking volume on your ads Seriously it s fucking ridiculous
Andyman516 Andyman516
RandyBolerjack Soundtechdez ROOTSPORTS NW That was weird twitter and you guys down there lost it all had DirecTV but not twitter
Miss our iHeartCountry Music Festival No problem Relive the best moments NOW on DIRECTV Ch 239 or DIRECTV NOW
Bradee brad_40
GreysABC can t watch the finale because DIRECTV s channel for fox is down
Mike Deissig MikeDeissig
DIRECTV Ur landing pages aren t wrkng click on SMS Bill Pay or Help Center takes u 2 same Site Down page
Jason Kiracofe JasKira2014
DIRECTV - still waiting 4 DirectTV to send promised gift card 4 renewing contract in Feb Online Cust service is down Phone has long times
Kattyyyy Hello_Katty0215
Hey DIRECTV is quite ridiculous to charge 200 to move 10 minutes down the road
Wardog wardog12b
DIRECTV I keep getting emails saying you want to win me back but when I call I can t get through Hmm wonder why retention is a problem
bdbstl bdbstl
DIRECTV my local channels only in St Louis MO area Hazelwood have been out since early this morning Does anyone know the problem
Kimberly S Bray KimberlySBray1
JayJAZZYxo Depends on where live I have at amp t unlimited with no problem Love it because get money off my DIRECTV with free HBO
Sarah Martinath SarahMartinath
DIRECTV Just spoke with a supervisor re 1 of our Genie boxes not working Not thrilled with timeline amp protocol for resolution
DIRECTV The stupid idiot I talked to them said he canceled that order no problem I would not have to pay shippin
DIRECTV A few days ago I had another technical issue I did the online chat but since everyone who works for
P.J. Led. SgtLedbetter
DIRECTV Only had DIRECTV for 2 months Been one problem after another amp now On Demand hasn t worked in over a week We want out
Vincent Duvall VinceDuvall
DIRECTV Since your upgrade We experienced a problem Please restart the video player Have tried everything Any suggestions
Poor AT&T Service ATTCares_Not
RT tktoulouse If I only had to pay for my DIRECTV service when it was actually WORKING my bill would be for the entire year Nothi
Brandy Smith Brandy1337
DavidHaydnJones Tonight of all nights Directv is down Its as if the universe is giving me the for considering that Ketch dartboard
Dr. Schadenfreude PoliticsOfFear
Sucks that DIRECTV takes so long to boot back up after a 2 second power outage when you are watching tornado warning coverage
M murkythts
DIRECTV ATT AudienceMusic That s nice but if netneutrality is struck down and my netflix subscription goes

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