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  • Signal Issue 1% issue reported
  • Website 0% issue reported
  • Limited Channels 0% issue reported
  • Streaming Problem 0% issue reported
  • Others 0% issue reported
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Are you experiencing Dish Network outage today? Here you can get news, reports and overview of on going problems. Dish Network is an American direct-broadcast satellite service provider, Dish Network provides satellite TV, phone and internet services. Users can choose from a list of available channels and also they can record video programs with an additional feature to remove commercials from them using ‘Hopper’ feature.

Dish Network outage

Are you today having any problems with Dish Network, you can see in the graph what is happening with others and if you are alone in the queue or all others are along with you. Commonly reported problems includes issues with login, receiver connectivity problems, on demand not working, unable to add a new TV channel and some others.

If currently you are unable to access Dish Network internet OR TV, then you should submit a report here on this portal about the service status and with a short sentence about the error type which you are considering. You can find more information about any official support pages of Dish Network which includes Twitter and Facebook pages.

Dish Network Outage: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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Geoffrey Sammons macgeoffster
thomasntexas BrianDanbury Also satellite tv can disappear during thunderstorms We had that problem in Tucson with Dish Network
Computer Dude crazycomptech
No Sir I do not know why your Dish Network is not working correctly We are a computer repair shop You need to call the Dish network guy
Agileberners agileberners
fsnorth horrible audio tonight for game via Dish Network Is it on your end Dish s end or my end No other channels have the issue for me
Nick T. whtrngr
dish answers No problem I figured it was a network issue of sorts Thanks for your time helping
Gary Andover OkieBlue
First world problem I cancelled Dish Network and they want their ten year old equipment back How stupid is that
RokuSupport Isn t there anything you can do to fix this now that I know it isn t dish Network that is the problem
Mr. Chopito CChopito55
Dish network needs to settle whatever the issue is with ABC before the NBA Finals sucks not watching the games
Robin C mzzgotti1
Dish network every 15 minutes for the last month any one else having this problem
Chris Deruchie CDeruchie
500 channels on the Dish Network the only one not working Yes the one carrying the Senators game NORESPECT GoSensGo
Michael Calvert MichaelGCalvert
dish answers dish answers it s about dish not having network nbc for well over a month bham al ch13 working i
Kathy Mccall Kat29664
I have dish network and I haven t had nbc in over 5 weeks This really pisses me off Anyone else got that problem
Connie Miller conniesmiller63
Dish network needs to get it together and fix there problem with CBS I m missing my shows happywithdish
Rashaad Egister register2013
VonGaskin TimMillerSC wis10 Dish Network is not working in downtown Thank goodness you re streaming online Hope everyone else knows
DISH Answers dish_answers
dlb15 Hello I will be happy assist you with this issue Since DISH does not carry the YES Network we are only p
Ann Rowland 24mickey_ann
Kohls We need help in resolving the issue between NBC amp Dish Network It isn t right for them to continue to hold their customers hostage
georgeanne sczzrhnds
Why are you not working out a deal with Dish Whatever you two companies are doing only hurts the audience for your network Sick of dispute
Sayyed Sajjad ahmad SayyedSajjadA
TenSports tv ten3 signals are tooo week on NSS6 and dish tv network kindly fix it also tencricket is scrambel not working while cline
TheRickWilson I have less of problem with Sputnik getting WH press pass than dish network carrying Putin propaganda net RT into US homes
Dee Thomas DeeThomas20
TheJudiEvans in March anyone on Dish Network lost the NBC channel Not fair to use viewer ratings that are incorrect bc of this issue

Dish Network Outage
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