LADWP Power Outage

LADWP Power Outage Issue & Status - Current Day Reports

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  • Power Outage 6% issue reported
  • Water Issues 0% issue reported
  • Gas Problems 0% issue reported
  • Transfer Services 0% issue reported
  • Bill Pay Issues 0% issue reported
  • LADWP Login 0% issue reported
  • LADWP Rebates 0% issue reported
  • LADWP Customer Services 1% issue reported
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LADWP is also known as Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, it serves about 4 million residents according to an estimate. It provides water and electric services to its customers. Find the details about LADWP Power Outage today and areas suffering problems. Check are you also suffering LADWP Outages and problems at this time.

It is a normal process that outages can occur on occasions. Moreover, these outages can vary in its own types. Like sometimes the outage can be of very small in nature, which only effects few residents. On the other hand sometime it may be large enough to cover a complete town or area. LADWP delivers about 7,200 megawatts of electricity on the other side it delivers 200 billion U.S. gallons of water each year.

LADWP Power Outage

Report LADWP Power Outage

We have created this page to provide you details about any outage currently LADWP customer are experiencing. Here you can find reports from a number of customers, moreover you can also report LADWP outages at official website. One can also use the customer service of LADWP to contact and report an outage.

Use the phone number of Customer Contact Center 1-800-342-5397 (1-800-DIAL-DWP) which is available 24/7 for LADWP Power outage and emergency.

LADWP Power Outage: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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RT LADWP Experiencing a power outage Call us at 1-800-DIAL-DWP We ll restore service as quickly and safely as possible customersfirst
The Global Grid theglobalgrid
Security flaws in the grid could cause a power outage in LA LADWP LACityCouncil LACOOEM ladwp urp power
Chris Grace ChrisGrace
Los Angeles 90004 there s a water outage for the area on Kingsley I just got off the phone with LADWP and they know about it
nathaniel farley nvfarley213
LADWP power outage 90057 La Fayette Park Place between 2nd and 3rd streets please fix I can t get to work I m inside the gated lot
James Kokinos matthewjworley
LADWP what s going on with Los Feliz power outage On New Hampshire It s been almost 24hrs Thanks
Drew Gates drewliciousLA
LADWP what s going on in Sherman oaks Your 800 number says outage till 2am tomorrow Unacceptable
Mark Trugman MarkTrugman
ayreslive Per ladwp outage info on website crew working restore eta 12 30 am These estimates are often conservative
Vikky CaliVikky
RT LADWP In the event of a power outage know where your circuit breaker is and how to operate it safely ConserveSoCal safetyfirst htt
Rachel Edell REdell1006
LADWP power outage in mar vista lots of fire trucks What s going on can we expect it up soon

LADWP Power Outage
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  • Karl

    Power outage 90019 been out since about 2pm

  • dorky

    customer helpline phone number is +1 866 940 0005
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    customer helpline phone number is +1 866 940 0005