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Nintendo eShop Down Map Reports

Nintendo eShop is the online store or marketplace for Nintendo users either 3DS or Wii U. Users at eShop can download games and can check out upcoming games & films for you PC. Are you experiencing any outage today with these services, here we have an Nintendo eShop outage map. You can check out the locations from where we received most reports today.

Nintendo eShop Down Status Graph

: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

Is & you are facing problems today, check out the live outage reports OR submit a review below. -------
Jesse Jessegarcia2004
RT DashieXP 3 11 I heard the eshop is down Nintendo is slipping but keep trying till it s back up playstation is next
chan kidlatdakila
aevanko Yup Same problem with being in south east asia We have to buy nintendo eshop cards that are more expensive than its worth
zach dyrus_fanboy
uhh is the nintendo eshop not working for anyone else
Armando Garassu28
NintendoAmerica I wanted to tell you about a problem having with my Nintendo eshop
The Locus thelocuspost
Nintendo Switch NEWS Surprise new eShop release exposes BIG problem The Locus
Nu-Metal Apologist trilllizard420
nintendo let s make a thing that only plays nes games genius let s make like 4 units wait we got switch eshop comi- SHUT IT DOWN
George georgepross
Problem was indeed due to being allowed to use the eShop without updating Stupid design Nintendo
Carolyn Mathis paIeBhBCU0JkVky
RT tarant Is there a problem with the UK Nintendo Switch eShop I Have been unable to connect successfully all day NintendoSwitchC nin
George georgepross
If my problem is due to this fucking update not notifying me it exists and Nintendo still allowing the eShop to cha
Jon Stump jmstump
amazonhelp nintendo eshop cards are broken It s a known issue Woulda been nice to get that info waiting via email or the product page
Michael tarant
Is there a problem with the UK Nintendo Switch eShop I Have been unable to connect successfully all day NintendoSwitchC nintendoswitch
BandedHylian BandedHylian
I liked a YouTube video Nintendo switch WIFI range problem slow weak signal connection cuts off Eshop
Zachary Schwartz cataquacks
Nintendo definitely hunkering down to start selling NES games on the switch eshop for 5 bucks with no crossbuy huh
PewPewPew PewPewPewOne
Nintendo Switch is lenient on NeoGeo censorship - isn t an issue with the NeoGeo eShop releases on the Switch
ChodnaZoop ChodnaZoop
Ugh why do the Nintendo eShop servers have to be down I wanna preorder Lego City Undercover so it downloads before I leave tomorrow
Bradley Keene CheapBossAttack
The Nintendo Switch eShop is down for maintenance until 9pm EST and I want to buy play Blaster Master Zero