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Priceline Down Map Reports

Priceline is an online service with which users can find out the discounted prices for hotel bookings, car rentals or flight tickets. Beside all that, it also offers a customer search with which users can check out the items with price filters. Check out the status of Priceline outages map reports, you can track the services issues currently down at various location of USA with historical Priceline map indications.

Priceline Down Status Graph

: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

Is & you are facing problems today, check out the live outage reports OR submit a review below. -------
Alli outr8geousAlli
priceline And your company priceline never provided any apology partial nor full reimbursement So the hote was wrong This is a problem
Grant grantkc75
gensiniwx Expedia priceline What hotel chain had the cockroach problem
Michael Chrisman MChrisman13
Yo priceline not happy with the service at MCO this morning Let s talk to work this out cause it s not working currently
Woods Panthers NC WoodsPanthersNC
Game Day if your looking for something to do tonight head down to Priceline Stadium and support our Premier
Dan nitschinlife
Don t ever do business with priceline with a financial hardship - kept my initial down payment and charged me a cancellation fee
Fine_Wine Cougar_alert
Whyyyyyyy are Expedia and travelocity and Orbitz and priceline not working today I need to get to California Y all are stressing me
priceline thenegotiator Cust svc is ridiculous 3 supervisors amp 4 agents later no one has a record of my issue 2hrsandcounting
Speaking to priceline gt 2 hrs trying to get flt issue solved amp by speaking I mean handed off repeatedly w o resolution thenegotiator
outriding fltrxs16
Really disappointed in how priceline rep responded to my issue too bad so sad is not customer service
TheStockKid TheStockKid
Here come those Priceline buyers we talked about Gap down was is a buying opportunity PCLN
thenegotiator Need help w flt issue due to family medical emergency No reasonable solutions from cust svc priceline
fhayesjr fhayesjr
priceline Use ANYONE besides priceline They should be investigated and shut down
Stefanie Bwhit stefbwhit
RescueMeNFD priceline Ha Same problem 3 stars guaranteed min amenities including pool Told contact doesn t say
Chad youhavechad
priceline Day two fourth call with Priceline trying to resolve reservation issue They never called back like they said
M®Bu©ký SoCalDuck_Bucky
Thx amp Same issue w All-3 Tix I purchased via priceline Return departure dates moved-up a day TheOnlySalesGuy 1-set Both Departure dates
Elliott Duncan Elliott_Duncan
KCChieferBoogie Never really had an issue with Priceline I been using them for years The name your own price tool
D. shutupDanisha
priceline I currently am flying with SpiritAirlines You see the issue Please let me know at your earliest convenience priceline
Rachel Ginsberg rachelginsberg
priceline The site wasn t loading at all but u solved the problem without it I was getting a DNS error
Cody Tritter CodyTritter
priceline Have screen shot of purchase CDN dollars charged USD Priceline employee saying not their issue xfer to Hertz who say it was P