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Shentel outage OR Shentel not working today? Here you can see what is happening with internet, TV or Phone service. Shentel is a telecommunication company which is providing services since 1902. It is a public company which is a local provider of big city service to small towns. There are about 455,000 subscribers using different services from Shentel service lines. The services offered by Shentel to its customers includes internet, wireless internet and digital phone. Moreover fiber internet, digital TV and security services are also available for business & home customers.

Shentel Outage

Shentel service area covers up to rural Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The wireless division of Shentel is in operation as a Sprint Affiliate. In 2016, May Shentel acquires Ntelos, its competitor with about $640 million. If you today got any problem with the service, you can here check the service status. The outage map and reports graph will help you to see the current problems of service.

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Shentel Outage: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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dondism dondism
Shentel Network is extremely slow in Christiansburg less than 75 Mbps Is there an issue or am I being throttled
Ashlee ashleemelda_
Shentel My Internet is down in Radford Is this a city wide issue
Jimbob Jimbob_McClan
Shentel is there an outage for voice and texting in Roanoke VA
Michael Ottinger Michaelotti0
RT 804 BUBBA Shentel is there some issue tonight I am getting less than 10 MB s speed after replacing my cables and rebooting everythi
Shentel is there some issue tonight I am getting less than 10 MB s speed after replacing my cables and rebooting everything
ashlee linkneal_
Shentel Is there an Internet outage in Radford as of 12 50PM EST
Jonathan Ramsey JonathanaRamsey
Shentel Internet Outage n Lynchburg Went down and is not working ETA on FIX Can I get a Credit for paying for unusable service
Ed Crawford EdCrawford
Another good Shentel experience Reported an outage they confirmed we were impacted and it was fixed in less than 30 mins GreatJob
Neil McNeely NeilMcNeely
Shentel You need to fix the problem get more equipment or let another company have Christiansburg that can handle the load
Jared jcupp12
marceloclaure sprintcare Shentel it amazes me how sprint can leave things not working and accept no responsibility
Jared jcupp12
nTelos Wireless Shentel are there any plans for correcting this problem
Jared jcupp12
nTelos Wireless Shentel another issue when im connected to the upgraded towers and connect to the tower in rawley my phone drops connecti
Jared jcupp12
nTelos Wireless Shentel have done all thatThere was a nerwork ticket opened with sprint and they said the problem couldnt be fixed Because
FoxontheRocks Snahrkshahrk
Shentel despite months of reporting an issue amp requesting help amp being charged 100s in overage fees even tho Im doing everything they say
Shentel Shentel
WVUGuy29 We have not heard anything If you think there is an outage please call 1-800-SHENTEL to report it
Shentel Shentel
chasemaddy1 Have you called our customer support team to have them look into the problem 1-800-SHENTEL
Shentel Shentel
Andrew Brown18 Have you tried calling customer care to have them help you with your issue 1-800-SHENTEL
mikalellen mikalellen
Shentel It has never helped a problem before so no we have not BrianWBailey1 I m SURE they ll be a big help this time
mikalellen mikalellen
Shentel Yes same channel Root Sports Hi-Def This is a frequent problem with this channel
Ken koatrades
Shentel yes They ve been here twice now but still can t find the issue It s normal now but was like that for at least 2 hours this morn
Hey TiVo TiVoSupport just wanted you to know that Shentel hasn t called back like they were supposed to today Still not working
Jas Hall blakhoode
Our internet has SUCKED this past week No point calling Shentel They assume the problem is on my end and do the annoying QA routine
ABC13News ABC13News
BREAKING A Campbell County Rescue Squad member has confirmed there is a chemical problem at Shentel in Rustburg

Shentel Outage
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