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Check is Slack down right now? The server status might helpful in this regards, if outage occur Slack will not work. Slack is a collaboration platform, which allows team and groups to collaborate with each other. Slack launches as an internal tool by Tiny Speck while developing ‘Glitch’ an online game. Slack software is available for Windows, OSX, Chrome OS and Linux for desktop devices. On the other hand Slack application is available for iOS, Windows and Android smartphones.

Slack Down

The services which you can integrate with Slack includes Dropbox, and GitHub. Further more Box, Zendesk, Heroku, Google Drive, Crashlytics and Trello are also supported. In 2015 Slack acquire Screenhero and as a result there are plans to upgrade the service. Slack is planning to add voice, video and screen sharing features in software. If you today got any issue with the service, and want to submit any report you can do this here.

If you want to share anything about Slack applications, you can use the comments section below to initiate a discussion.

Slack Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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Aneel aneel
RT garychou Is the slack not opening links in chrome problem a slack problem or a chrome problem
CaseyNewton so I turned off Slack in spotlight search but still having the same issue Did you get any more crowd sourced wisdom
하날 🖤 bangguccitan
RT ARMY League Dont slow down Dont slack off Dont be too complacent Let s work harder until the very end BTSBBMAs
RT TiaMaria78 kenmckelvey224 SLACK TV upagenstit jeremycorbyn We UK issue debt and investors buy the debt We then pay them intere
Lolo Madikgetla Lolo_Madikgetla
RT qz A design flaw in Slack and WhatsApp is creating a uniquely 21st-century etiquette problem
TBR Feed TheBFRoom
QUARTZ A design flaw in Slack and WhatsApp is creating a uniquely 21st-century etiquette problem
Marcy Copeland atlantissus34
DomenicoNPR DonaldJTrumpJr realDonaldTrump He cut Hillary slack Obama cut Manning slack whats the issue if Trum
🤦🏽‍♀️ _blahitskita
I m definitely a go getter but my sort of problem is that I been doing it for so long it shouldn t be no slack
Timothy Lawson TimLawson21
monica raezer ChelseyWrites CaptainWOSO SandHerrera jols98 kpiperphotos Always down for Rio probably not down for that slack line
chadian I absolutely love VS code Main IDE for me as a node developer But running Slack Code and Atom really slows down my 16gb MBP
Dev🤠 DevMorrissey9
Fair slack about this attack down in the walkway frightening enough
Nervous but ready for this intense finale tomorrow Hope you ll cut us some slack amp not break us all the way down GreysABC GreysAnatomy
djt_idiot djt_idiot
DonaldJTrumpJr Please cut Hitler and Stalin some slack too They did more for the problem of overpopulation than anyone else Sarcasm
Bethy P. FiredupBethy
BraddJaffy 1 cuts some slack is not the same as let it go 2 being fired when you don t let it go would be a problem

Slack Down
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