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Slingshot down today? Check network and internet outage if it is not working with you or giving errors. The company provides broadband internet and phone service to its customers. Slingshot establishes in 1996, since the last decade it is striving to build better network. Slingshot is largest independent network of New Zealand, it believes in best broadband with decent prices.

Slingshot Down

Slingshot provides different packages in internet which include standard home, Ultra fast and Ultra-Fast Fibre broadband. Moreover to it, Slingshot also provide bundles of mobile and home-line plans. If you got any issue with the service you can submit the issues on this portal. We always like the additions by our visitors, if you find anything wrong with your Slingshot services.

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Slingshot Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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Slingshot Down
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