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BrightHouse outage is a commonly reported problem in different regions of service area, Brighthouse internet outage from Lakeland, Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, and Orlando areas is claimed at different occasions. Bright house also provides other services which include Cable television, home phone and security services to above mentioned areas and to some more locations.

brighthouse outage

When Bright House internet down or TV down is reported here on this portal, the area is also mentioned in the report this will help you to find out the exact location of outage. The problem can be of any type which can include from login page to phone connection error, or Cable channels shut down to a total service blackout.

Are you also affected with this service break down, see the graph below and check what others have reported on here about Bright House and which service is down in which area. If your problem is not of this type, you can connect with the official support forum to discuss the issue with them.

Brighthouse Outage: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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Amy Sue amyrenaewright
swear my internet goes out at least once every couple of weeks never had this problem with brighthouse thanks charter you suck
sabrina brina621
Ask Spectrum is terrible Down right awful Sub par compared to Brighthouse I ve heard frontier is worse but I might be willing to switch
Brenna Pelland branana_pudding
When the brighthouse guy is here my cat takes on the role of protector and just stares him down the whole time
✨ bob d ✨ Smartiebob
Why would I GetSpectrum when their system is down 1 2 of the time dish CNN Brighthouse was bad but you are worse
news junkie Pirot2000yr2l8
Spectrum which 1 of ur daddies gave u the money 2 buy brighthouse Because u suck Never have had an issue with brighthouse sense they
Texa-Rican Racing TexaRicanRacing
GetSpectrum in Bakersfield Brighthouse appealed with merchant down the street ads You come across like a condescending out of towner
EL Load EL_Load
poorservice GetSpectrum Ask Spectrum we ve had recurring monthly payment for 120 months You buy brighthouse and now it s our problem
Russia seems to have hacked Spectrum formally Brighthouse Cable amp Internet down since 1 am Coincidence
Pete usafss74
JessEmbury They re awful They bought out Brighthouse down here and got rid of all of their equipment They replac
Aimee Icebluegirl75
GetSpectrum not working I thought brighthouse was bad but Spectrum has been nothing but problems from day 1 Tu
Jmarc JupiterJmarc
Anybody else having an issue with their Brighthouse Spectrum cable and or internet
Steven Pointer StevenWiseOwl
once again i am missing hours at work because of Ask Spectrum due to another outage i want brighthouse back you guys are the worst company
Ric Alvarez ricalvarez
Dimbulbs at brighthouse sorry Ask Spectrum have my internet down again Makes telecommuting rough -
Austin Alderson Itsrevalations
Internet down til next friday GetSpectrum yall have the worst internet change back to brighthouse
Matthew Owen mowenranger
PamMktgNut BrightHouse Ask Spectrum I ve tried Problem is you still need internet and the bundled price is lower AdobeChat
† Venus venusksmith
CharterComPR It was Brighthouse when the house burned down My mom needs help she s 70 Your cable box caused a fire Fix it
Topanga Lawrence ShowwwStoppin
GetSpectrum BrightHouse even though I had a technician come out in march and never got a follow up with the issue or a credit
Topanga Lawrence ShowwwStoppin
GetSpectrum BrightHouse horrible service Everyday our internet or cable goes out Do I have to call every time I have an issue
Cody Jones Tainerif
Ask Spectrum this whole 3 nights a week being down since the brighthouse merge needs to stop fix it I got AT amp T muscling in Fix your shit
S4VG xS4vAgExGaming
Internet outage again Thanks BrightHouse Totally wasn t playing an online game
SkyysMama SkyysMama1
Ask Spectrum amazing Internet down again How you even stay in business is beyond me Never thought I d miss BrightHouse
Sassy N Free SassyNFreee
nightmar s FoxNews USArmy Hey I just called SPECTRUM BRIGHTHOUSE CHARTER TIMEWARNER Called with IT issue and
SkyysMama SkyysMama1
Ask Spectrum must be the beginning of a holiday weekend Internet down yet again What is wrong with you Even brighthouse wasn t this bad
Paul Crisp pcrispy
Daniel Rubino I just had issues connecting at Applebees 2 weeks ago but it was due to my Brighthouse Cable login n
Debra DebraRn725
RT CobaltBlue2009 You know it s amazing 25 years with BrightHouse no problem with channels Get Spectrum there s problems It s ob
Steve D Dpistonsfl
Ask Spectrum No problem for years with Brighthouse But internet constantly drop off over the last week
Lisa littlebird321
Spectrum tv outage in our area once again It s pretty hard to be worse than Brighthouse Congratulations

Brighthouse Outage
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