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Is LastPass down and not working with you? Here you can see the status of service if it is giving issues. LastPass is a free password management service provider, both for computers and smartphones. It provides extensions for browsers including Firefox, Chorme, Safari, Edge, Maxthon Opera, and Mac app. Having problems with the service? Here you can check out the problems and status of LastPass in your region.

LastPass Down

Some times the issue arises only in a specific region and other area do not affect with it. We also here give the outage map with area wise, it helps you to identify the service outage region wise. Normally LastPass plugins and extensions works fine and reports about issues are rare. However some times we do also receive reports for problems with the service, from the consumers of LastPass.

If you today are also having problems with LastPass, you can check out for that with us. Have another type of issue beside outage, you can also report that here.

LastPass Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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Alex Davis DavisMTL
3 LastPass For the Tab button not working in forms Either it doesn t change field credit card form or whe
Edward Jiang edwardjiang7
FlemmingDrachen LastPass summerkimUK Good thing it s not just me I have the same problem as well
James Townsend StormChaserJT
RT McTugmutt0n LastPass Your Chrome extension is not working I cannot get into my vault or have it fill in my information on webpages
LastPass Support LastPassHelp
WompieRS Apologies for the persisting issue What version of LastPass are you on Please make sure you have and let us know thanks
Tim Ryan McTugmutt0n
LastPass Your Chrome extension is not working I cannot get into my vault or have it fill in my information on webpages Icon is yellow
Arjen H Gandalf_T_G
RT LastPassStatus Chrome ext issue has been resolved Should auto-update or via reinstall w latest Thank you al
LastPass LastPass
summerkimUK Sorry to hear that what symptoms are you currently experiencing while LastPass is not working
LastPass Support LastPassHelp
SimonRWaters issue please try to uninstall and reinstall the LastPass plugin Let us know if it still persist Thanks 2 2
Mike Dove mdove
sggrc lastpass This LastPass issue for the last day is seriously making me rethink how I want to store passwords mission critical
Summer kim summerkimUK
LastPass my Lastpass is not working and some passwords were filled without log-in to the account What is going on
Mark Haslam MarkyHaslam
LastPassStatus To be clear this is NOT just a Chome problem Pinging yields Request timeo

LastPass Down
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