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PenTeleData Down Map Reports

PenTeleData is a fiber optic service provider in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It also offers voice & video service in addition to internet data services. Are you experiencing any outage today with these services, here we have an PenTeleData outage map. You can check out the locations from where we received most reports today.

Current Map issues highlights from: Allentown PenTeleData Down Status Graph

: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

Is & you are facing problems today, check out the live outage reports OR submit a review below. -------
Jonny1011 ItsJonny1011
PenTeleData Second day in a row with horrible speeds I m getting 1mb down if I m lucky Is there issues going on in North Jersey
Michael R Nirvowolf
PenTeleData third time in a week we are experience Internet at horse and buggy speeds in Sunbury pa penteledata please fix this problem
BoKnows cr8tvmats
sectv PenTeleData got modem not working on hold w CS 35min and counting PLEASE HELP
Jeffrey Rossi RavenWolf87
PenTeleData any idea on updates for 707 2171 Oak Hill Drive area of Buck Hill Falls Never had an outage here in 6 years of service
GDK Death DeathTheFelon
SoaRAndys I hear Pennsylvania Bethlehem has nice weather ima shut down PenTeleData if you dont DM 20mins remain
Ricknj285 Ricknj2852
Curtis Gaming1 sectv PenTeleData yeah just wait This company is horrible I game as well Wait till your first five hour outage
Curtis Curtis_Gaming1
lily marston I have SECTV PenTeleData with 15 down as my speed used to be 5 down when I first switched from Verizon months ago
WhisperNumber.com WhisperNumber
PenTeleData thats a big if isn t it tell support to not make crap up when trying to troubleshoot an issue
triwave triwaveTV
@sectv @PenTeleData kudos to no communication and schedule down time. I appreciate it.
PenTeleData PenTeleData
@robbyj31 I apologize, the issue is more widespread than realized. We are aware and crews are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
PenTeleData PenTeleData
@robbyj31 We are aware of a cablemodem issue in East Stroudsburg. If a different area, pls call our partner cable provider that serves you.
Merlin Halteman techspeeder
@opendns upon further investigation I think it is actually a PenTeledata issue https://t.co/moCEqDFXNp
PenTeleData PenTeleData
@thememanxx @sectvwb @sectv We are aware of a cable modem outage in 18707 and are working to restore service as quickly as possible.