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Is Orbitz down at this time? Check server status if website is not working or showing problems. Orbitz helps you to search for travel locations, plan and book all items related to travel. Moreover it provides all travel services including hotel booking, flights reservations and car rentals. Issues are not so common but more complaints are received about customer service.

Orbitz Down

Expedia owns and operates Orbitz, if you have issues while using the website you can submit your issue here. Moreover the graph above shows you the problems with the website or other services. The more number of reports depicts severity of problem outbreak at Orbitz. However such issues are not occur up to now, but can not say anything about future. If you have anything to share with us and other users of this website, do not hesitate to contact us.

On the other side you can also submit your reviews about the issues and problems by using the comments section.

Orbitz Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

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sh5401 sh7401
MAGAtrump5 exophorically Orbitz Not your problem if Orbitz doesn t train their employees on how to fix a ticket though Help him Orbitz
Fine_Wine Cougar_alert
Whyyyyyyy are Expedia and travelocity and Orbitz and priceline not working today I need to get to California Y all are stressing me
Caryn Chow AskCaryn
BookAirfare Never again will I book with bookairfare Do NOT trust this site use kayak or orbitz They issue credit and then rescind
Joan Hill 3thwNZYw4b4N9yG
RT Stevehastweeted If you ever feel down on yourself remember you aren t seanspicer trying to shit out wads of Cinnamon Orbitz on a da
Orbitz Only Sorry doesn t work My problem is still unresolved after almost 10 days Had to suffer tremendously due to your mistake
Sxber_EU F/A TheRealSxber
RobertIsGodLike NeonMelts Jahzn OfficialAzontic Fennn SE Neon pipe down ur duo is Orbitz I WIN
Pixie Wingz WingzPixie
British Airways Seriously thank you for responding I m just trying to get Orbitz to help me and show them they need to fix the problem
Asher dealhunter27
airfarewatchdog Orbitz Expedia TripAdvisor Problem is that the ota could be violating policy against advertisin
Pixie Wingz WingzPixie
Wow quick to shoot me down but now you guys can t show documentation of what you can t do Orbitz
Shelly. shellzstarrr
Orbitz I ve been on the phone for almost 2 hours trying to resolve an issue YOUR agent made
Harry Bloom IHLPUXL
RT lcatkinz IHLPUXL I am fighting a similar issue with Orbitz Let s help each other out - please retweet my stuff and I ll do the same
Orbitz OrbitzCareTeam disappointed with your website Booked a hotel on Mon price went down submitted claim price went down again
Shoutout to Orbitz and Orbitzcareteam for resolving a problem with my travel itinerary job well done
Darrin Shafer DrrnShfr
Maybe flights will go down in price when I can book my flight again orbitz wait they ve already gone up 2 times terribleservice
Darrin Shafer DrrnShfr
Plz orbitz take my money then tell me 3 days later that my flight is canceled even though it s not and issue a refund 3-7 days later 1 2
James Cunningham JamesIV1978
WolfpackPatrol Expedia I never had an issue with orbitz Or I usually go directly to the hotels or airlines
Lisa Winer Lisaqt314
Orbitz having a huge problem and currently cannot get anyone in customer support Please help
Tank5280 Tank5280
Orbitz Thanks finally someone answered and confirmed this is SpiritAirlines issue so i hope someone can explain a
hoosierball hoosierball
Orbitz Representative finally fixed it Not happy about service though Not appropriate at all Also coupon code is not working
Laura Atkins lcatkinz
RT HomeByDawn orbitz continues to disappoint Rep asked if I d been helped I replied with my issue and no response 3 calls 2 manager
Orbitz your customer service is horrible Can I email my issue Who can I reach out to Please help
Marie dafotochica
I need to send a little shout out to Orbitz it took a while but they resolved a booking issue I recently had THANK YOU
Anne McMahon HomeByDawn
orbitz continues to disappoint Rep asked if I d been helped I replied with my issue and no response 3 calls 2 managers orbitz nada

Orbitz Down
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