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Is Plex down at this time? You can check the service status if streaming not working or for any other issues. Plex client server based media player which lets the person stream media content. Moreover the service comprise of two main parts including Plex Media Server and Plex Apps. The server can be run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, NAS and FreeBSD. Moreover the player app is available for mobiles, Smart TVs and other streaming consoles.

Plex Down

You can use the Plex Player for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV & Apple TV. On the other side mobile devices include Android, iOS 8.1 or above. Furthermore the other console boxes includes PS3 & 4, Roku, WebOS, Xbox One & 360. While some other systems can also run Plex player including Chromecast and OS X Snow Leopard and which comes after it. Along with free service a premium version is also available which have some next level features.

If you today get the service down and found that it is not working with you. Then you must check the status of Plex from here, the graph will show you current problems.

Plex Down: Current Status & Outage Map Report for 19th of March 2019

Is Plex Down & you are facing problems today, check out the live outage reports OR submit a review below. -------  

"our home" pants2match
and plex is just not working on apple tv but is on my ipad so honestly just let me watch my shit i don t w
ABC TheABCMonster
plex Camera Upload on iOS has worked but its now stuck on Waiting to Upload Others have the same issue with no response from support
eli morey Eli_Morey
RT MrMichaelToddd CodyMitchell44 Eli Morey Listen here bolzs the sauce pan will be brung out tmr at the plex eil morey u are goin down
Michael MrMichaelToddd
CodyMitchell44 Eli Morey Listen here bolzs the sauce pan will be brung out tmr at the plex eil morey u are goin down
Carnage JasonPinette
plex Plex is the issue not the device Plex transcodes everything on the same device that Kodi and VLC play directly Why So frustrating
New2Plex New2Plex
Plex Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Kimmy And the Trolley Problem was recently added
Bill Rantz billrantz
plex have you gone to your forum to read about remote access issues yet I ve sent you messages that it s not working for people
Liaison Artists LiaisonArtists
We re counting down the days until Maceo Plex releases his new album Solar on his new label Lone Romantic Make
James Stuart jasskode
plex can someone please help me figure this issue out Couldn t retrieve the play queue for this item Please try again
djs djs__
i cannot figure out why Plex insists on transcoding everything watched on my brothers network down to 400p
Hired Mark Sudheimer to fix the falling down popcorn at my 4 plex with knockdown Now his that is crumbling his reply its not my fault
J3rron J3rron
PlexPy J3rronPlexServer The Plex Media Server remote access is down
ZHPlex zachplex
PlexPy zachplex - check twitter for status The Plex Media Server remote access is down
DN Ka¥ dnkay
plexearth hello my Plex won t connect to remote server what might be the problem
Anu-Adsila Bey 13 seeinginfull
RT AdonaiDey You ever hear Muzik and felt Et down to your Solar Plex You clench your hands and bite down hard Then you just

Plex Down
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